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            Local Time: 01.03am (GMT+8)
            Local Weather
            CNCC Successfully Supported the CIFTIS 2
            Providing First-Class“China Service”.........
            ·CNCC and KINTEX Renew MOU and ...
            ·Letter of Appreciation from OF...
            ·CNCC Contributes to China Conv...
            China National Convention Center (CNCC) has opened officially in October 2009 for its originally intended function – providinginternational standard, purpose-built convention and exhibition facilities.
            The Center was an important element in the overall plan for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games when it served as the main press center and international broadcasting location as well as providing the venue for fencing and pistol shooting competitions....

            "Natural Air-conditioner" saving 380,000 kw per year, China's largest...

            CNCC Grand Hotel

            CNCC Grand Hotel is a brand-new deluxe international standard hotel

            convention center. It has 420 state-of-the-art rooms and offers...
             >> Go to CNCC Grand Hotel
            Video of CNCC
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